NTP marked cards is one of the marked playing cards in our company, it was made up from 100% plastic materials, its good quality makes it popular around the world.
Our professional technicians mark this popular NTP playing cards with the best invisible ink recipe with sophisticated printer machine. So the marks are very clear and can be last for long time. Usually we mark a big font on the middle of a each deck back stand for the points. But we also can mark the markings as your special requirements perfectly.
The markings on the NTP marked decks back only can be read by our special luminous contact lenses or ultra infrared sunglasses, other similar devices cannot discover them. The markings will be clear no matter in what environment and expose under what kinds of lights. So it can perform well in many different games and different places.
We also have other kinds of magic marked for sales, such as Copag marked deck of cards, KEM marked poker cards, BEE marked deck cards, Fournier Marked playing cards, Modiano contact lenses marked cards, Bicycle marked cards deck, Aviator magic marked cards.