Poker table is a necessary device for poker players to enjoy the poker cards games, there are many types of poker cards table in the market, however, among them, our perspective poker cards table has received wide praise from all customers from different countries.
Not all the poker players like using marked deck cards, our magic perspective poker table is one of the best choice for them. This special perspective playing cards table no need to work with marked cards, and it is look as same as a regular one, so you can place it anywhere you like and will not cause the notice of others. It is very easy to operate, only need to put the poker cards on the perspective table, then you can read the points and suits of them on the computer displayer or mini TV screen, working it with your partners will be better.
This ultra perspective playing cards table can be used in many kinds of poker games, such as Texas Holdem, Blackjack, Baccarat, 21 points and so on. If you have some special requirement, we also can customize one according to your required.