Mini earpiece is an essential part of poker analyzer device, poker players can receive the poker result sent by poker analyzer system via it secretly and clearly. But not all the mini earpieces are in top quality and providing enjoyable using effect to users. The PK King 588 mini earpiece can do that.
The volume of PK King 588 mini earpiece is only 7mm*5mm, it is very easy to wear and can be set in ears with high privacy. It can meet different needs of poker card players no matter what kinds of poker odds calculator they are using. What is more, its tone is very clearly and it can be used last for 10 hours every time, if it is about to out of battery, you can replace a new battery easily. Such as in the marked cards Texas Holdem games, the poker cards scanner and poker winner predictor works together to get the games result, the information can pass to users only if users equipped with this magic PK King 588 mini earpiece accurately and safely, others poker players around you can’t hear any voice.
Beside PK King mini earpiece, we also can provide other kinds of marked cards earpieces, marked playing cards, luminous contact lenses, infrared invisible ink sunglasses, poker spy card reader, poker analyzer device, marked dominos, remote control dice, invisible ink kits and so on. If you are interested in them, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.