PK King S708 comes with fashionable Bluethooth smart watch which has diverse way of reporting poker results, such as time mode, vibrator mode and earphone mode. And you can choose the ways by pressing button.
Omaha PK King S708 is one kind of newest and latest model poker analyzer in the market. It looks more beautiful than the old version, no one will suspect it is one kind of playing cards cheating devices.
What is more, you can select the built-in cameras of PK King S708 poker analyzer with Omaha games, the range of the internal poker camera is 30-80cm. Due to the wider range, no matter where are the playing cards, it can scan barcode of invisible ink marked cards.
You can play 5 games with this analyzer, Texas Hold’em, Omaha 4 cards, Omaha 5 cards, Russian Seca game, Flush game and so on.