As poker chip tray can be placed on the poker table freely, it has a perfect position to read the scanning barcode marked poker cards easily and saftly.
This powerful chip tray poker scanner usually works with poker analyzer in the poker card games, and it is suitable to be used with various kinds of poker hand analyzer, such as CVK 350 poker cards analyzer, CVK 400 poker odds calculator, CVK 500 poker winner predictor, AKK series poker analyzer device, V68 poker scanning system, poker analyzer Iphone, Samsung poker scanner system and so on. Chip tray poker scanning camera can read the cards and transmit the signal to poker hand analyzer to calculate, and users can get one hundred accurate poker game results instantly.
This special playing cards chip tray scanning camera can be used in various kinds of poker games, if you are interested in it, please don’t hesitate to contact us by Skype!