The cell phone with a secret hidden playing cards lens can read and report the points and suits of all the poker cards, and transmit the signal for poker analyzer device to calculate the accurate game result.
This magic playing cards scanner can support for all kinds of poker card games, and all kinds types of mobile phone is optional. From the appearance, it just a normal phone and can be used to make call, send messages, surf on internet and so on, and it is difficult to find out any flaws. Once the barcode playing cards into its scanning range, it will read the these edged marked poker cards automatically and send the information for calculate center to analyze the result. With a mini Bluetooth earpiece, you can receive the prompt and accurate game outcomes.
This ultra poker cards reader is optional for all types of mobile phone, so you also can send the phone you want to process to us to insert a mini poker spy cards reader, all of them can be processed perfectly just as your requirement.