As a popular and practical poker hand analyzer, CVK 400 poker hand analyzer with a secret built-in playing card lens inside can giving more wonderful playing experience.
CVK 400 poker winner predictor has two mini playing cards scanning camera lenses inside to scan wider range. CVK 400 poker hand analyzer can be used to read all brands of edged invisible ink marked playing cards, such as Fournier marked deck cards, Copag marked poker cards, marked bicycle cards, KEM invisible ink side marked cards, Bee luminous marked cards and Aviator poker marked cards. It just takes you 0.1s to analyze and give out the game result. You can use CVK 400 poker analyzer odds calculator to cheat at Omaha, Texas Holdem, Baccarat or Blackjack as well as other local playing card games.
At the same time, CVK 400 poker hand odds calculator can work together with all kind of poker scanner, such as water bottle playing card scanner, USB data cable poker card reader, lighter poker predictor scanner, shirt button barcode scanning camera, car key remote control poker reader, watch poker cheating scanning camera and so on.