Many poker scanning systems need to work wth marked palying cards to work in various poker cards games, may be some users will whink it is too complex to munipulate. While now the newest poker anayzer is a powerful one which can help user to read normal playing cards, yes, to read the original, without processing poker cards.
This latest poker analyzer is a manufactured Iphone 6, you can use it to do whatever the normal Iphone 6 can do, such as sending message, making phone calls with others, downloading and listening the music you like, surfing the internet to read the information you want to know and so on, however, the scanning Iphone 6 also as be a digital fiber optic poker analyzer distributor which can help user to read the poker points and suits of a original playing cards easily. During the cheating poker gamces, users no need to cooperate with other poker cheating accessories and only place this all-in-one Iphone 6 poker analyzer in their pocket, due to the large scanning scope of this poker analyzer software, once the cards are suffled, this scanning poker analyzer device will read the playing poker cards by itself, then user can receive the accurate game result of the poker games in secret and clear. Their capablity and saflty make them popular in many countries.
The kind of digital fiber optic Iphone 6 normal playing cards analyzer can be used in many sorts of poker games like Texas Holem, Omaha, Black Jack and so on.