Have you ever experienced that waiting the result of dices games anxiously on the casino? In that time, did you have the idea that if you can know the number in advance? The remote control dices provided by Golden Sunshine can help you to do that.
The remote control dices devices of GS are praised by many customers around the world, they include several processed dices, a special dice board, a powerful remote controller. Our professional technicians can install the dice board into a regular dice game table skillfully and no one can find any different from the appearance, then you can use the remote controller to enjoy the dice games freely. What is more, there also are dice cup dice readers and X-ray dice scanning system, both of them can help you to see the points of the dice result in secret and fast, the dice cup scanning reader even can help you to change the dice face you want towards. With any one of them, you can be the soothsayer and controller of the dices game!
Beside dices devices, there are many other series products of entertainment, luminous marked dominos, marked cards, marked playing cards contact lenses, ultra infrared sunglasses, scanning system and so on. All of them are made by strict and professional process.