For single person poker analyzer user, choosing a suitable lens is essential. Single person operation scanning lens is equal to our eyes, it is the indispensable item to help us winning the game.

The main function of scanning lens is to help us scan the side bar code marked cards. We offered a lot of single person operation lens, such as mobile phone lens, lighter lens, coin lens, and wallets lens, these lens can work well puting it on the poker table. Bracelets, watches and other such decorations are not required to be put on the table, they are more covert and secure.

There are a wide range styles of lens, it can be said that as long as you can think it that we can make it. Any kinds of lens you want, such as wall clock, frescoes, air conditioning and so on can be installed with a suitable covert lens. If you need, we welcome you to choose your unique single person used lens.