Have you ever known that the regular smog sensor can be a poker scanner to help you read the marks on the marked playing cards? Here, the magic smog sensor playing cards scanning camera lens we provide can do that.
It is a real smog sensor so you can install it everywhere you like and nobody will notice any difference. This ultra poker smog sensor reader has a hidden HD camera lens inside, a TV displayer, two transmitters and mini earphones. The scanning camera distance of this high privacy smog sensor poker card reader is about 2-3m far away from back marked cards and the scanning range is 1.5m. It is very best for infrared luminous invisible ink back marked cards. When you use the smog senor spy camera at poker games, working it with your friends is better. The distance from the background to playing site is about 50-100m or 200-300m. In a word, the smog sensor spy camera lens is one to one camera and other camera lens cannot scan these back marked cards. Moreover, its power can be provided by battery or AC. User does not need to worry about that it cannot work for a long time.
This powerful smog sensor poker spy cards reader is very suitable for many occasion like casino or private poker clubs, it is very perfect camera system for playing poker games.