Our latest scanning system for Texas Holdem is the most advanced scanning system in the world so far. Using the latest poker analyzer with local scanning cameras, you can control the whole system yourself, without others’ help or notice. It’s easy for you to use and get the information of the poker results, such as the first and second hands. And you can even set the analyzer to know every cards of each hands before the cards are dealt. The micro earpiece tells you the information without other’s detection. 

The advantage of the latest Texas Hold\'em system is easy and convenient to take, easy to use with 100% accuracy.

  The poker camera scans the marked cards at a rate of 0.2 second, which quickly transfer the analysis signal to the processor. Then processor analyzes the signal and info for about 0.3 second. Within one second, the analyzer will report you the result by mini earpiece.

  To convenient for every client from different countries, we try to provide products in multilingual options: English, French, Russian, German, Japanese, Turkish, Portuguese, Romanian, etc. Usually the English version analyzers are in stock. If you need another version of the product, just let me know and place an order in advance please. Feel free to contact for more information if you have interest.