In America and Canada, Bicycle playing cards is very popular and receiving widely praise. Bicycle poker cards usually made up by 2 kinds of materials, paper or plastic. Taking all factors into consideration, Bicycle poker deck of cards is very suitable to process as luminous marked cards Bicycle.
When poker players using the marked juice Bicycle cards in the poker games, only with special ultra luminous contact lenses match for their eyes color, or ultimate luminous infrared or ultraviolet sunglasses, can they read the marks on the backs of the poker cards. Secondly, if users are playing invisible barcode Bicycle marked playing cards, poker spy card reader and poker analyzer distributor can be a useful assistant. Thirdly, both paper Bicycle poker deck of cards and plastic playing cards also can refined as infrared magic marked Bicycle cards, users can use infrared scanning camera lens to read the marks, this powerful scanning poker cheating card reader can be remote control in long range.
They are convenient to manipulate and all types of Bicycle marked cards are available.