Wall frame painting is a excellent decoration for people to beauty the room and you can see them in many places, and many people like setting a lamp of wall frame painting to make the painting more beautiful. However, we can process this unimpressive lamp magic infrared scanning camera to help poker players to read the infrared back marked decks.
This secret wall frame painting scanner is one of the long scanning range poker scanner supplied by our company, it is very easy to operate, you can use it alone, but if cooperate with your partners, it will be better. Before the poker games, you can installed this magic poker scanning device in the room where you want to playing poker games, during the games, this long infrared scanning distance wall frame painting lamp poker cards reader will read the marks which made up by specialized IR invisible ink on the back of the marked decks automatically and send the result in image which displayed on the background screen in clear. Once your partners get the result he can tell you how to do next step easily and rapidly.
With this magic wall frame painting IR poker spy cards reader, you can hold the games easily.