As an necessary daily item, wallet camera lenses are popular among gamblers or poker lovers for it is an excellent and useful products to cheat at Omaha, Texas hold’em and other kinds of poker game
You can see a variety of poker camera lenses in our company, it can scan the invisible ink barcode marked cards on the edges and transmit the information to poker analyzers. Strickly speaking, the scanning distance of this magic Wallet camera lenses is 20-70cm. You can work it with cvk, akk, texas holdem poker cards analyzer and so on.
With this kind of camera lenses, you can play the poker games confidently and rationally even in dark room. The working principle is quite simple, turning the camera lens on, and letting it face towards the edge marked decks, then it will send the information to the analyzer immediately after scanning the barcode marked cards. You will hear the result by mini-earphone within 0.3 s.