Do you want to impress others like a gamble king? Our ultra watch marked cards scanning camera can help you do that.
Our professional technicians installed a mini scanning camera lens inside the watch with high privacy and keep the appearance of the watch as same as the original. Other people cannot find any different by their naked eyes and other testing devices also difficult to find it secret. Before the poker games, you just need to wear it in your wrist like a normal watch, and it also has the function like normal watch has. If the marked playing cards are dealing into its scanning distance, it will read the barcode on the marked deck edged automatically, if you want to move the scanning angle, you just move you wrist, and the watch poker cards reader will change the scanning angel and no one can find any problem. Once it gets the barcode signal, it will send it to poker analyzer system to calculate the information, you can get the games outcome in secret and clear fastly.
We also have other marked poker spy cards reader for sale, if you are interested in them or you want us to process the article you want, please do not hesitate to contact us.