Any magic trick can potentially use a marked deck, the tricks aren't the important part, the important part is how to utilize an inivisible ink marked cards.
Using a infrared ink deck most of the time is like using a shotgun to kill an ant. It works, but you don't need it.
With just misdirection you can flip cards off a deck and list them. With stacks you could do the same thing.
So the real question you have to ask yourself is, when does a marked deck actually help?
The key here is a marked deck only really helps the fairness of a selection. You don't need a force, so the fairness must be pushed hard.
They can shuffle the best tricks with a marked cards before. They can look at the card. They can return it into the deck, they can shuffle again. All without you looking.
And there is the only value of a uv invisible ink contact lenses marked cards. You can perform that. Whatever trick you extend off that, is fine, but that is the value of a marked deck.
A completely fair selection.