As a professional marked cards kit supplier, we insist to providing the best quality marked cards predictor devices. And the updated AKK K5 poker hand odds calculator in one of the representative poker winner predictors.

AKK K5 poker hand analyzer have dual HD poker camera lens for scanning the barcode marked decks. It can tracking the barcode image marked on the sides of barcode marked playing cards and decode them within 0.5 seconds to analyze the game result. The double playing cards scanning cameras make AKK K5 poker winner predictor has more wider scanning range. Accordance with different environment, you can choose the built-in poker camera lens inside AKK K5 poker hand odds calculator or work it with an exterior poker scanner.

AKK K5 poker hand odds calculator can help user to predict the best winner hand, the second winner hand, the rank of all poker players or the point and suit of each piece of marked deck cards and so on.