AKK poker hand analyzer is famous in scanning and predicting the poker games, for example, Omaha 5 poker game.
Omaha 5 poker game is very exciting and have many ways to play. AKK poker hand analyzer can scanning the barcode marked cards and analyze which hand will be the best one or the rank of each hand. What is more, there is a remote control which is look same as the normal car key, but you can use it to control the switcher of scanning camera inside the AKK poker analyzer device. When in the poker games, if the players number is changing, you also can use the remote control to change the set number to match the real time players participating in games.
Generally, you have three ways to receive the outcomes of Omaha 5 games. Receiving the game result through mini Bluetooth earpiece, seeing the time to on the Iwatch to know the best winner and second winner, getting the outcome in image mode.