Ashtray is very common be used in many casinos, they are very normal that if there are some secrets inside this normal item, t will not be noticed by others. Here, we can provide this magic ashtray poker scanner.
In appearance, this ashtray playing cards scanning camera has no difference from other ashtray. But as a matter of fact, it has a secret playing card scanning lens inside. A HD poker scanning camera lens was fixed inside the secret place, and others cannot find any secrets.
If you want to use to this ashtray to forecast the poker game result, you need to work it with poker analyzer. It is very practical and can suitable for various kinds of poker analyzers, like CVK poker analyzer, AKK poker hand analyzer, PK King poker winner predictor, Iphone poker odds calculator, Samsung poker hand odds calculator, V68 playing cards scanning system, MDA poker outs calculator and so on.
You also can send the ashtray you want to be inserted playing cards scanning camera lens, you can send them to us to process.