Baccarat is a exciting poker games, it is difficult for you to know who will be the best winner. However, with our shuffler scanning system, it is very easy for you to know.
Cheating shuffler scanning system includes two parts: one is short distance signal receiver, and the other one is global signal receiver. After this shuffler scanning system scanning all regular poker cards and then it will send all image information to the background TV displayer by transmitters (this is also a poker analyzer which is set software inside) and at last, you can know who is the best winner. If you are in a global which is far from the background, this system also could be realize your aim. You just need to add another signal receiving cell phone and a TV displayer. At last, you also will receive the final poker game result.
This is an excellent Baccarat shuffler scanning system, if you want to know more about it, please feel free to contact us to know more.