Beside contact lenses marked cards, barcode marked deck of cards also is  a practical poker for poker players. Barcode marked deck cards can be worked together with any kind of poker camera. There are many brands of barcode marked deck for sale in our company.
Barcode marked deck cards can be used together with different poker camera lenses. And these cameras you can choose from our company. They are lighter playing cards scanning camera, car key poker camera lenses, water bottle poker scanner, USB cable playing cards scanning camera, cigarette poker predictor scanner, cell phone marked cards reader and other poker cameras. And our barcode marked deck cards are processed by good quality regular playing cards. You could choose the Modiano marked cards, Bicycle marked deck, Fournier marked playing cards, Copag marked poker cards, Lion 3500 invisible ink barcode marked cards and other kinds. The user also can send your cards to us for processing. No matter for the paper playing cards or plastic poker deck, we will process them in perfectly.
Barcode marked deck cards are very suitable to be used in various poker games. They are so made so perfectly that others cannot find any difference from their appearance as well as tactility.