Do you like BEE playing cards? If you want to have more winning odds in poker games with BEE poker cards, the BEE barcode marked decks is highly recommended.
1. BEE barcode marked cards are made with the specialized best invisible ink, which can keeps the marking secret and last for long time.
2. Even you working with invisible ink pen contact lenses for playing cards or infrared marked cards sunglasses that can detect invisible ink, you cannot find any secret of this magic BEE marked decks.
3. If you want to decode the invisible ink barcode on the edges of each piece of BEE marked playing cards, you need to work with various kinds of poker camera lens for scanning barcode juiced decks. Such as lighter poker scanner, ashtray poker camera, water bottle playing cards scanner, wallet playing cards scanning camera, watch marked cards scanner etc..
If you want to know the playing cards game directly, a magic poker analyzer software is needed.