You can see different kinds of invisible ink marked cards for sale. And the Bee invisible ink marked cards are excellent poker cheating devices for winning money.
BEE cards are very popular in the world, and they are very suitable to be marked as BEE juiced marked decks. How much you know about these BEE contact lenses marked cards?
In generally, we mark the BEE poker cards with the best invisible ink recipe and stringent marked cards printer. If you working with infrared contact lenses for playing cards or luminous ink sunglasses that can see ink, you can see those invisible ink markings on the backs of BEE luminous marked deck cards easily. The red BEE juiced playing cards have a better effect than the Blue juice marked cards.
What is more, we also can mark other poker cards professionally, for example, invisible ink Copag marked decks, Marked Modiano playing cards, Fournier juiced decks, KEM contact lenses marked playing cards, Aviator luminous ink marked cards, ultimate Bicycle marked decks.