Aviator is paper playing cards, but it can provide you a special playing experience due to its excellent design as well as the good quality. And it is very suitable to be processed as Aviator marked playing cards.
There are three kinds of Aviator marked deck cards for your reference.
1. Back Aviator marked decks. With the imported Aviator playing cards, processed with our best invisible ink recipe by the professional staff. These Aviator marked decks have no difference from the outside looks and tactility, and only working with the infrared contact lenses for playing cards or infrared sunglasses can see ink can you see the markings clearly.
2. Edged barcode Aviator marked cards. We process this quality Aviator poker with the stringent marked cards printer, there are secret invisible ink barcode marked on the four sides of the barcode playing cards, they can be scanned by poker camera lens. What is more, working it with the playing cards scanning camera and the poker analyzer device, you can receive the accurate playing cards game result before the cards are dealt.
3. Laser Aviator invisible ink marked cards. This is a special marked decks cards which made with special invisible ink recipe. Unlike normal back marked playing cards, these laser luminous ink marked poker cards only can be read by the special laser poker camera, that is even you wearing the marked playing cards contact lenses or infrared perspective sunglasses, you still cannot find anything from it.
All the Aviator marked deck cards we supply are in good quality. What is more, there is also a special marked cards for sale, it is induction Aviator poker which is insert a thin a mini chip inside. Are you interested in them?