Bicycle playing cards is a famous since 1885, its excellent quality and rich heritage bring a lot of funny for many poker players.
As a specially crafted cards, Bicycle Prestige poker cards are feature Jumbo face and made with 100% plastic material. They come with red and blue. With the help of the customized invisible ink formula, we can made the best Bicycle Prestige marked cards. You no need to worry the procession will affect the original cards and give out its secret. From the appearance as well as the tactility, no one can feel any difference, except they wearing with the invisible ink pen contact lenses for marked cards or luminous ink sunglasses that can detect invisible ink.
This magic Bicycle Prestige ultimate playing cards can be used in various kinds of occasions:
1. World Poker Tour
2. Private cards game
3. Club cards games
4. Magic show of marked deck cards