There are many poker scanning camera lens in market, and in our company, we can provide the best marked cards scanners for your choice. Here, we will recommend the powerful short scanning distance car key poker barcode scanning camera.
There is a mini HD poker camera lens is fixed inside the car key, it is completely concealable and no one can find its secret from the appearance as well as the tactility of car key. the normal scanning range of this car key poker barcode scanning camera is 20-40cm, and if you want the longer scanning distance one, we also can customize it for you. This car key playing cards scanner can scan the barcode marked deck faster, more accurate and strong stability.
This car key poker scanning camera is very easy to operate, only you turn it on and place it towards the barcode playing cards, it will scan the edged marked deck cards automatically. What is more, there is a button on the car key which can be used to turn on or off the playing card scanning camera lens.