There are many kinds of poker scanner camera in market, and most of them need to work with barcode invisible ink marked cards. Here, the cell phone playing cards scanner we supply can help you to read the normal playing cards.
From the appearance, it just is a normal cell phone which has all the functions which an advanced mobile phone will have. This cell phone poker scanner is very easy to operate, what you need to do is turning on this magic poker scanner camera before the poker games and place it on the poker table as usual. When the cards are dealt over this magic poker scanning camera, it will record the suit and value of each piece of card and show them on a displayer or reporting them through mini earpiece, then, it is very easy for you to control the information of whole game.
Besides this functional normal playing cards scanner, we also have other marked cards kit for sale, contact lenses marked cards, infrared marked cards lenses, poker analyzer device, marked dominoes, Mahjong with invisible ink markings, invisible ink pen and so on.