Chip tray is necessary in many poker clubs or casinos, do you know that it also can be processed as a secret poker camera to read the barcode marked cards for poker analyers.
Chip tray poker scanner is secret and reliable. A regular chip tray is processed by our technicians and then it has become the chip tray playing cards scanner. It is convenient and sensitive for scanning Bee barcode marked cards, Bicycle marked deck cards, Fournier marked playing cards, Modiano marked cards, Copag barcode invisible ink marked cards and other barcode luminous marked cards. Chip tray poker scanner can be worked together with any poker analyzers, such as CVK 350 poker hand analyzer, AKK K30 poker analyzer software, AKK A1 poker winner predictor, MDA poker analyzer device, GPS poker odds calculator and others.
This practical poke cameras can be used in various poker games, like Texas Holdem, Baccarat, Blackjack, Omaha or other local poker cards games.