Some people will think marking playing cards in very easy. Honestly, NO. To make a quality marked decks, there are many complicated and cumbersome process.
In order to provide best Copag Texas Holdem invisible ink playing cards for clients, our technicians continually to develop various professional invisible ink recipe to match the different cards which are played in different environment.
Copag playing cards is famous all over the world, and most of them are very suitable to be processed as luminous ink marked playing cards, Copag Texas Holdem is one of them. Usually, we will mark a big font with our best and specialized invisible ink solution in each piece of Copag Texas Holdem playing card, the markings is invisible for people naked eyes in nature light and only can be found with the special marked cards reader, like marked cards contact lenses, glasses that can see invisible ink.
As we know, Copag Texas Holdem is used in many places and can suitable for various poker card games. With our luminous ink contact lenses as well as marked cards with invisible ink, you will have more odds and can decrease risks in playing card games.