Copag Neo Nonsense playing cards are features 100% plastic material and come with de decks. They are bridge size and jumbo index, a ideal cards for poker players.
There are various kinds of invisible ink formula in our company be used to processed different kinds of Copag Neo Nonsense best marked cards. Usually, we use the luminous invisible ink recipe to process the Copag Neo Nonsense as contact lenses marked playing cards, the invisible ink markings on their backs only can be saw by invisible ink pen contact lenses for playing cards or infrared perspective sunglasses that can detect invisible ink. In addition, we use the infrared invisible ink to mark the infrared back Copag Neo Nonsense back marked decks. These special infrared ink poker cards only can be read with infrared poker cameras, and you can know the cards point and value through the TV displayer.
With the Copag Neo Nonsense best marked cards, you not only can enjoy the fun and excitement with their beautiful exterior design, but also can have a magic power to know each piece of them in advance.