CVK 400 poker hand odds calculator is an advanced poker analyzer device which update from CVK 350 poker hand analyzer, and it has more practical functions than CVK 350.
1. CVK 400 poker hand odds calculator work for all playing card games like Texas holdem, Omaha, Blackjack etc..
2. CVK 400 poker hand odds calculator are equipped with two high-definition and high speed poker camera lenses inside, capable of scanning the marked barcode cards two times wider and faster than CVK one.
3. Different from CVK 350 poker analyzer which is comes with wireless mini earpiece and the transmission distance is 50 cm, CVK 400 poker winner predictor goes with Bluetooth earpiece and which enabling user to hear the reporting information with 2 meters from the poker predictors.
4. CVK 400 poker hand odds calculator can scan the barcode marked playing cards with the screen up and down, while CVK 350 only can work when their screen up.
Have you ever used this magic CVK 400 poker analyzer system for playing cards? Do you want to have a try?