As a leading marked cards kit manufacturer in China, we can provide most popular, useful as well as advanced gambling devices for different customers. Here, we will recommend a practical poker analyzer, CVK 500 poker hand analyzer for you.
1. CVK 500 poker analyzer can work with large scale. It has been fixed a HD image recognition software built-in playing cards scanning camera with high privacy, which makes it can improve the accuracy of image recognition, which make the poker analyzer report the game result more accurately, quickly and stably.
2. CVK 500 poker analyzer has two original sound transmission functions, the reporting sound can not only be transmitted through a mini Bluetooth earpiece, but also through a one to one digital earpiece, newly developed for CVK poker analyzer.
3. CVK 500 poker analyzer has two original image transmission functions, 2-4G analog transmission function and image transmission function. CVK 500 poker analyzer is the only one that has two image transmission functions in the market so far.
By working with our barcode marked cards, the CVK 500 poker analyzer can help poker players to predict the game results at many poker games, such as Texas Holdem, Omaha, Flush.