As a leading marked cards manufacturer, we can provide all kind of marked cards poker with the most advanced card marking technology and stringent marked cards printer by our professional technicians.
Da vinci playing cards are famous in all over the world and have great reputation among poker enthusiasts. Da Vinci Neve poker cards is one of the representative cards of Da Vinci brand decks. And they are very suitable to be processed as Da Vinci Neve magic marked deck. With the best card marking ink, we can make the best marked deck Da Vinci Neve to be worked in various poker card games. There are juice marked cards Da Vinci Neve and scanner marked cards we can supply.
For juice marked cards Da Vinci Neve, there are usually a big invisible ink mark is marked on the backside of each piece of card or four small font on the four corners of the card. People only can see this luminous ink marks with our special invisible ink contact lenses for playing cards or infrared sunglasses used to detect invisible ink instead of naked eyes.
For Scanner marked cards Da Vinci Neve, we mark the invisible ink barcode which indicates the playing card value and suit on the edges of each piece of card, this luminous ink barcode cannot be detected by marked cards contact lenses or invisible ink glasses, only the playing cards scanner can scan them and send to information to poker analyzer to decode and analyze, finally, you can receive the accurate poker game result through the mini earpiece.
Beside Da Vince Neve magic marked deck, we also can mark other poker cards, if you are interested in them, please do not hesitate to contact us.