In western countries and Russia, Fournier 2818 playing cards are very popular, and USA also use it. Originated from Spain, Fournier 2818 poker cards are feature plastic material, poker size and jumbo index, their professional quality provides good playing experience for uses.
Although Fournier 2818 decks is a kind of plastic cards, we can process them to be a professional marked playing cards perfectly with the best invisible ink recipe by our sophisticated technicians. After marking, these Fournier 2818 invisible ink kit marked cards poker also looks original by naked eyes, only with our omnipotent invisible ink pen contact lenses or glasses that used to detect ink can you read the marking on the backside of these marked Fournier 2818 contact lenses marked cards.
(1) Mark one big font in the middle of backside of cards.
(2) Mark 4 small fonts in four corners of backside of cards.
(3) Mark as your special requirement.