Fournier playing cards are used widely in private poker games, poker casinos, parties and many other places. Here, we can introduce the Fournier barcode marked decks for you.
Fournier barcode marked decks are processed with specialized invisible ink formula and stringent marked cards printer. After marking, the marked playing cards has no difference from the original one. This magic marked decks with invisible barcode markings cannot be detected by luminous contact lenses for playing cards or infrared marked cards sunglasses that can detect invisible ink. If you want to decode these magic barcode, a poker camera for poker analyzer is needed. Working the edged barcode marked playing cards with poker scanner and poker hand analyzer, you can get the 100% accurate poker game outcome secretly.
All the Fournier playing cards can be processed as barcode marked deck of cards, such as Fournier 2800 barcode marked deck cards, Fournier 2818 luminous marked cards with invisible ink barcode, Fournier WPT barcode juice marked cards, Fournier 2500 marked poker cards for poker camera lens.