As a professional marked cards manufacturer, we can mark normal playing cards as marked cards within two hours, which is the fastest speed in marked playing cards area.
The invisible ink solution we use to make invisible markings on the backside of marked deck of cards can be infrared ink, UV invisible ink, luminous ink or laser ink. The luminous invisible ink markings printed on the cards by our delicate printer machine can stay unfading as long as 2 years.
Maybe other marked cards will have chromatic aberration after processing, while our contact lenses playing cards almost have no chromatic aberration at all. Only with the invisible ink pen contact lenses or marked cards glasses can you read the markings clearly.
These contact lenses playing cards supplied by GS can be used in Texas Holdem poker games, Omaha 4, Omaha 5, Omaha 6, Baccarat, Blackjack and other local playing poker cards games.