Da Vinci playing cards are made of 100% plastic material, they will not scratch, tear or crease under normal playing condition. they are washable and durable, a properly cared for deck will last for years and years. Due to their good performance, we can process them as magic Da Vinci marked deck cards.

There are three kinds of Da Vinci marked cards for sale in our company, that is contact lenses marked cards, barcode marked deck cards, IR marked playing cards. Usually, contact lenses marked cards are be marked invisible ink markings on the backside of Da Vinci playing cards with quality invisible ink, which can be read by marked cards contact lenses or perspective sungalsses that can read playing cards; barcode marked cards only can be read by playing cards scanning camera or all in one poker analyzer which has marked cards detector scanner inside; Da Vinci IR marked deck cards also have invisible ink markings on the backside, however, they cannot be detect by luminous ink contact lenses or IR glasses for marked cards, only the infrared poker camera can know them.

These magic Da Vinci marked cards can be used in various kinds of poker games, such as Texas Holdem, Omaha, Flush, Baccarat and so on. As a leading marked cards manufacturer, we can provide the best Da Vinci marked deck cards for all clients.