Infrared luminous ink contact lenses is widely used in the playing cards activities. It is very popular by poker player and magician, what is more, they are very safe and convenient to use. Only with the infrared invisible ink pen contact lenses, you can read the invisible marks on the back of marked deck of cards clearly.
We have many size and colors of invisible ink contact lenses which can match different people who have different eye colors. For example, the 4 mm colored area marked cards contact lenses just cover the pupil, it can suit for no matter what color of eyes and others around you cannot find secret. And 7 and 9 mm colored area luminous ink contact lenses cover the iris, these types of marked cards contact lenses is good for black or dark brown eyed players. We also can offer you blue marked cards contact lenses for blue eyes.
Besides marked playing cards contact lenses, we also have other marked cards reader like perspective glasses that can see playing cards, marked playing cards scanning camera, all in one poker analyzer and so on.