In general, there are three kinds of marked cards reader sold by our company, that is back marked cards glasses, infrared playing cards scanning camera and barcode marked deck scanner.
The marked cards glasses includes marked cards contact lenses and luminous ink perspective sunglasses, they can read the invisible ink markings on the backsides of back marked playing cards. With the quality material, the marked cards glasses we provide are very safe and in good quality.
The infrared playing cards scanning cameras are used to read the infrared ink marks on the backside of marked cards, different from contact lenses marked cards, these infrared marked cards are made with unique invisible ink recipe, the markings on their backsides only can be read by our special infrared playing cards scanning camera.
The barcode marked cards reader are mainly used to read the invisible ink barcode marks on the edges of barcode marked playing cards, these markings cannot read by both marked cards glasses or infrared playing cards scanning camera, only the barcode marked cards reader, workings barcode marked cards with poker cards read and playing cards analyzer, you can know the outcome of poker card games directly.