With a secret poker camera lens inside, chip tray playing cards scanning camera is a favorable short scanning distance marked cards scanner. Do you know how does chip tray marked cards scanning work?
As a matter of fact, this chip tray marked cards scanner is more good for poker dealer. After shuffling barcode marked cards and putting them on the table where with the scanning range of the chip tray poker camera, the chip tray poker scanner will scan these barcode marked cards automatically. And then it will send the information to poker analyzer for analyzing. The whole process just takes you 0.1 seconds. With the help of poker analyzer, you will know the best poker hand and the rank of all poker players. This poker camera lens just operated by one person. What is more, the user can adjust the distance between chip tray playing cards scanning camera and the barcode marked cards freely.
The poker camera lens of this chip tray poker scanner is HD one, so it can scan the barcode on the edged barcode marked cards accurately.