Have you ever used any marked cards? Do you know how to read marked cards? Here, there are some ways for your reference.

1. Marked playing cards contact lenses to see invisible ink

This is a magic luminous contact lenses which can see the invisible ink markings on the backs of marked decks. As these invisible ink contact lenses is concealable after wearing and will not change your eyes color, other cannot find any secret of them.

2. Infrared marked cards sunglasses that can detect invisible ink

These infrared sunglasses for playing cards are made with best quality sunglasses and professional infrared filter. From the exterior design, it just a regular fashionable eyewear accessory, no one can find that it is a magic marked cards detector.

3. Marked playing cards scanning camera

There are many types of marked poker card scanner for your choice, wallet playing cards scanning camera, watch marked cards scanner, lighter poker card reader, water bottle playing cards spy lens and so on. Various kinds of items can be processed as barcode marked deck cards camera lens for poker analyzer.

Which one are you interested in?