Infrared contact lenses are mainly use for seeing back juiced cards, they can work under all kinds of light and not be affected. With them, users can easy to know see the markings marked on the backsides of marked playing cards.
Infrared contact lenses are processed by regular contact lenses, we use the best quality regular contact lenses as the base, so it is very soft and safe to wear. As we known, different people have different colors of eyes, and our infrared marked cards contact lenses also have various colors to be fit for different colors of eyes. After you wearing them, they will not change the color of your eyes at all, so others around you cannot find any difference. There are These special contact lenses have different size that you can choose them according your eyes. This ultimate infrared marked cards contact lenses is a perfect partner to work together with Back marked decks.
You can use this IR luminous ink contact lenses for juiced decks in Texas Holdem, Omaha, Baccarat or other local poker games.