These cards is made in Taiwan, China. They are the most famous all over the world, not like KEM cards which may not easy to keep, either paper cards, can not be washed by water. Taiwan Royal playing cards can bend under 360 degrees.
Taiwan Royal marked cards look like regular casino cards, but there are some invisible marks or codes, numbers are printed at the side of the card. The marks are printed with our specialized invisible ink, which are visible from the poker scanning system and poker scanner detector. So you have use poker analyzer software to analysis the barcode marked playing cards. The cards can be used for all poker card games. Since these marks cannot be seen with the naked eyes, so besides you no one else will see the marks and you can play the game smoothly. The Marked Cards are available .
We deal in all poker cheating devices that are invisible marked deck of cards, invisible ink pen contact lenses, perspective glasses that used to see the ink, poker analyzer device ,poker scanner and so on.