Have you ever used any poker scanning camera for scanning barcode marked cards in playing card games? Here, we will introduce the Iphone 4 cell phone poker spy camera lens for you.
This Iphone 4 poker spy camera lens device is a real cell phone from exterior design, and it can be used to make phone call, send massage and so on like a normal phone. However, it also has a mini secret poker spy lens poker camera lens inside for scanning barcode marked playing cards. It can scan the barcode marked deck of cards quickly and accurately, then send the barcode image to poker analyzer for analyzing the outcomes. At last, you can receive the 100% accurate poker card games result via mini earpiece or vibrator.
There are various kinds of poker analyzer for your choice to work with this magic Iphone 4 poker spy camera lens. CVK 500 poker analyzer software, AKK A1 poker hand analyzer, PK King poker winner predictor, Iphone poker analyzer, MDA poker odds calculator, V68 poker our calculator, GPS poker analyzer device and so on.