This magic iphone poker odds calculator which can be used to charge iPhone, it is a mobile power bank which can contain big amount power. In the same time, it also is a hidden scanning camera lens for poker analyzer software to read the luminous invisible ink barcode marked playing cards, because there is a secret infrared poker scanner inserted into the mobile power bank. It is a good quality of power bank poker predictor scanner. This Iphone power bank scanning camera device can be used for all generations of poker analyzers software. As for the distance, we can make long distance, if you have special need, we can customize one accordance with your requirement.
This magic Iphone power bank playing cards digital camera scanner is very convenient to operate, you just need to move the small switch to turn the power on, and then you press the remote control to turn the camera on, and put it on the playing cards table to scan marked deck of cards which within its scanning range, so that the invisible marked cards poker hand analyzer will calculate the markings of edged barcode marked decks and tell you the result you want.