Many playing cards can be processed as luminous ink marked cards, have you ever used any invisible ink marked cards before? Here, there is a wonderful and excellent KEM luminous ink marked cards for IR contact lenses highly recommended for you!
If you have used the KEM contact lenses marked cards, you know they are very safe and reliable to be used in various poker card games. Before using this magic KEM back marked cards in poker games, you need to wear a pair of perspective IR contact lenses. And then this is secret because these lenses could not change the color of your eyes. They just like regular contact lenses in the surface. At last, you can see those marks on the backsides of the marked playing cards clearly. KEM invisible marked deck cards are 100% plastic cards. We make a big letter in the middle or four small letters in the corners. Besides this, we also can make the marks accordance with different clients requirements.
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