There are invisible ink marked cards, barcode marked playing cards, IR marked cards, laser marked playing cards, induction paper playing cards made with various kinds of card making ink. Besides induction paper playing cards, many users will worry about there is any chromatic aberration compared with the original playing cards, here, our laser marked cards which are processed with specialized laser card marking ink will not cause this problem.
The laser marked playing cards we supply are marked with our best laser playing card marking ink with stringent marked cards printer machine by the experienced staff. The laser ink markings on the backsides of the laser marked playing cards cannot be detected by marked playing cards contact lenses or barcode marked cards scanner, only the special laser poker camera can check them. That is, when using laser back marked cards in poker games, the ultimate laser poker camera is necessary.
Just as the barcode marked cards scanning camera, laser poker camera lenses can be installed into various items and make them as laser poker scanners, such as cell phone laser poker scanner, lamp laser poker card reader, belt laser poker camera. After scanning the laser marked playing cards, laser poker camera will send the information to a TV receiver or cell phone by transmitter. from their screen , you can read the markings clearly and accurately.