Do you know that the normal TV can be processed as a secret poker card reader to help you forecast the poker game result?
A mini HD playing card scanning camera lens is fixed into a TV on the wall that can read barcode marked cards easily. The scanning distance of this practical TV playing cards scanning camera is from 1 meters to 6 meters, which is long enough for requirement of different customers. After scanned by TV poker camera, it will send the data to poker analyzer, so that you know the poker game result from a mini earphone. What is more, you can keep the poker analyzer in your pocket or give it to your partner which is in another room next to you. From scanning barcode marked playing cards to know the game result, it just take you 0.3 seconds.
No matter how long you cheat at poker games, the AC power can support the game! And this Magic TV playing cards scanner can work with various kinds of poker analyzers, like CVK poker analyzer, AKK poker analyzer, PK King poker analyzer, V68 poker analyzer, MDA poker analyzer, poker analyzer Iphone, Samsung poker analyzer and so on.