Luminous ink contact lenses have various colors that can suitable for different kinds of colors of eyes, after wearing this magic invisible contact lenses, you can see the invisible ink markings on the backsides of any kinds of back marked cards while others around you cannot find anything.
As different people have different buying habit, we provide various kinds of marked cards contact lenses to meet different clients needs. The professional gray-eyes contact lenses for playing cards will help you see the luminous ink marks on the back of marked deck cards clearly under any kind of light. The good quality grey-eyes invisible ink pen contact lenses will have the defects of pupils automatically change under different lights. And the cheapest grey-eyes contact lenses will change the color of your eyes from gray to dark. most people like to choose the good quality one, then the professional one.
Different invisible ink contact lenses have their own merits, in our company, you always can choose the most suitable one to match your gray eyes.